Kitchen Cabinet Painting/RefinishingWe have been spray painting kitchen cabinets for years offering this affordable option as an upgrade to your kitchen. We have found when one is happy with the footprint of the kitchen and a total kitchen renovation is out of the question, a fresh coat of paint will give your kitchen a new and updated look for a fraction of the cost.

If you are thinking about additional upgrades, i.e. more cabinets, adding an island, maybe building in the fridge or simply adding some crown molding, because we have a fully equipped workshop we can accommodate your needs.

Play with Colors to Stylize Your Kitchen

Simply by changing the color of the cabinets and possibly changing the handles/pulls your kitchen will have a modern and professional look. No shortcuts are taken in preparing your kitchen cabinets for their new look and we offer a detailed account of exactly what steps are taken to attain the result you expect.

The Cabinet Refinishing Process

The thought of painting your kitchen cupboards may feel a little overwhelming and you may be wondering what you can expect during the process. Rest assured that we do our best to cause you as little displacement as possible.

  • Step 1 – Removal of Cabinet Pieces – During this first step, we will photograph and catalog all doors, drawer fronts and any other removable components. We will then take all these cabinet parts to our shop to be refinished.
  • Step 2 – Cleaning and Surface Preparation – Over the next working days, we will be at the shop working on the removed pieces. All removed cabinet pieces will go through a vigorous wash with TSP and rinsed clean to ensure the surface is free of any dirt and grease build up. Once clean, we will start the sanding and filling of any imperfections. If the existing hardware holes need to be filled and new holes drilled we will plug the old hole locations with solid material (maple or oak).
  • Step 3 – New Paint – A coat of high bonding primer is then sprayed on your cabinet pieces. Finally, 2 topcoats of your chosen color is applied with light sanding in between coats.
  • Step 4 – Fixed Cabinetry Refinishing – Once the shop work is complete, we will make arrangements to return to your home to start the same process on the fixed cabinetry. Fixed cabinetry includes: sides and faces of cabinets, valences, crown molding, etc. This process typically takes 2-3 days depending on the size and condition of cabinetry.
  • Step 5 – Door & Drawer Installation – A day is scheduled to return with doors and drawer fronts for re-installation.

Unparalleled Cabinet Refinishing Solutions at Amazing Prices

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing is the process of carefully removing your existing cabinet doors and drawers and having them professionally sprayed in our facility. Feel good in helping protect our environment by reducing the amount of garbage that goes into our landfills by refinishing your perfectly good existing doors, instead of replacing them. You avoid any hidden costs for plumbing or electrical when you decide to refinish instead of renovating a whole new kitchen.

Our staff will guide you in selecting colors and finish and based on the type of existing cabinet door will give you the best recommendation available.

Unlike other finishers, we use high quality lacquers especially manufactured for cabinets and furniture. Don’t be fooled by other’s who use house paint to refinish your heirlooms.

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