Enhance the Exterior Curb Appeal by Sigma Painting


Chances are you probably had a good feeling about your home even before you ever stepped inside. That’s your home’s exterior curb appeal!

The secret to maintaining that curbside pride and your residential value is to update and paint the exterior of your home approximately every five years. Painting your house’s exterior tells the neighborhood how you love your home and inspires them to keep up appearances with their own homes. But it takes a top rated exterior house painting contractor to rejuvenate old weathered doors, windows, trim, porches and decks to not only make them look their best but protect them for years to come.

We’ve all seen paint peel within a few years. That’s usually a sign that proper exterior paint preparation was overlooked.

Painting residential exteriors is the most cost effective way to add beauty, value and protection to your home while saving you money on energy and more costly repairs down the road. And with today’s most advanced exterior painting technology in the hands of our expert painters, we assure you the most pleasing return on your investment.

How we Work Our Magic

Exterior Preparation Work

  • Scraping and sanding of all loose and peeling paint down to a sound surface
  • Spot priming of all exposed surfaces with sufficient primer
  • Pressure washing of chalky areas and mildew remediation
  • Caulking of windows and door frames with acrylic siliconized caulking
  • Sanding of existing glossy paint to facilitate adherence of new paint
  • Removal and / or masking of hardware
  • Spot-priming of rusted metal with specialized rust primer.
  • Shellac-priming of wood knots and ‘saps’ to prevent seepage through the top finish coat.

Having one contractor like Sigma Painting that can complete the entire project from preparation, through carpentry repairs, to final paint will make your life much easier and protect your investment for many years to come! The more diligently you care for your home, the longer it will serve you well and remain structurally sound.

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