Our Painting Company Offers Expertise in Deck Staining to Stand Up to Canada’s Weather Extremes.

Deck RefinishingOur services are like no other. Traditional methods of staining and sealing exterior wood generally require a lot of unnecessary sanding and stain strippers every scheduled maintenance. The result being that you the homeowner not only has to pay for needless labor, but also are usually less inclined to maintain your wood as frequently as you should. Not only do we offer superb wood protection, but also a program that enables you to save money and enjoy more of your outdoor space.

Improper application can lead to an unsightly and unprotected wood structure in a very short period. Generally, this means that the old stain has to be removed to the bare wood in order to rectify the problem. The deck stain removal process can be costly depending on the existing stain that has peeled. You can trust that Sigma Painting will solve all your staining issues and prevent future problems.


In our unpredictable Canadian climate, it’s a challenge to maintain and protect our outdoor wooden structures. More and more we are suggesting low maintenance solutions for our clients. While it is initially more expensive, it provides peace of mind in knowing that your maintenance is now reduced to mostly periodic washing. If your deck is the right shape and size, don’t commit to total replacement until you speak to us.

Deck Staining

Every home has a deck and every deck needs to be stained and maintained properly. Staining a deck is not only to apply the stain, it needs proper preparations and sanding. Sometimes if needed we are also required to replace wood planks.

We serve each costumer with respect and we always deliver the highest quality of work that lasts long.

Deck Refinishing Requires a Special Brand of Professional Knowledge and Skill

Because outdoor decks take such abuse from the elements, and because the traffic patterns of people and pets contribute to the wear and tear, decks require consistent maintenance if they are to be attractive and long-lasting. Deck staining helps protect your deck from the glare of UV rays, temperature extremes, moisture, mildew, bugs, and other stressors.

In Canada, outdoor decks are continually bombarded by the brutal extremes of Canada’s climate. The elements alone are enough to cause deterioration of the timber used to build the deck, and standing accumulations of rain, snow, and ice on the deck’s horizontal surface-as opposed to the way precipitation runs off of a tilted roof-accelerates the process. These accumulations cause progressively more damage, wearing away the beauty and strength of the natural wood. Professional painters apply a wood stain that will protect your deck from the rain, snow, and harmful UV rays from the sun.

For the Highest Quality of Deck Staining and Increased Longevity, Preparation is Key.Contact Us